racecourse definition

racecourse means a place for the holding of lawful race meetings.
racecourse means a commercially operated track for go-carts, off-road recreational vehicles, motorcycles, or other vehicles that uses scrap tires as bumpers along the track for safety purposes and that meets 1 or more of the following requirements:

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The Racecourse Services team has worked closely with racecourses, theRCA Technical Group, BHA and stewarding teams to provide constructive and evidence-based input to this process, and will continue to liaise with BHA to develop and review proposals as they move forward.Throughout 2017 the RCA delivered a series of Major Incident Awareness Courses, developed by the RCA Medical Adviser, in conjunction with the BHA.

The Council entered into the lease arrangement for Doncaster Racecourse and the Keepmoat Stadium in January 2006 and August 2012 respectively.

Racecourse protests may not be filed after the completion of a racing event.

More than 1,100 people attended a meeting with Heathrow and the CAA at Ascot Racecourse and the trials which were scheduled to run for five months were abandoned after 10 weeks.

The Council has entered into two finance lease arrangements, one for Doncaster Racecourse and one for the Keepmoat Stadium.

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racecourse means premises approved by the Board, which are designed, used or adapted for use for horse-racing;
racecourse means a place where race meetings are held and includes any land or premises appurtenant thereto and to which persons attending such meetings have access in connection with the meetings;
racecourse means a commercially operated track for go-carts, vehicles, off-road recreational vehicles, or motorcycles that uses not more than 3,000 scrap tires for bumpers along the track for safety purposes.
racecourse means land used for race meetings and to which admission is granted by payment of money by ticket or otherwise;
racecourse means a racecourse used for races;
racecourse means a BHA licensed horse racecourse in Great Britain.
racecourse means any racecourse, training ground or property over which, or of which, the CRCI has the control, management, supervision or use for the time being, and whether such control, management or use is permanent, temporary or intermittent.