Quoted Investments definition

Quoted Investments has the meaning set forth in Section 5.12(b)(ii)(A).
Quoted Investments has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 5.12(b)(ii)(A).
Quoted Investments means a Portfolio Investment with a value assigned by the Borrower pursuant to Section 5.12(b)(ii)(A).

Examples of Quoted Investments in a sentence

  • If the Option is not so exercised within the time specified, herein, the Option shall terminate, and the Shares covered by such Option shall again become available for issuance under the Plan.

  • Quoted Investments are valued at cost or market value whichever is lower.

  • Aggregate of Quoted Investments - Cost17,005 17,005- Market Value30,982 16,9152.

  • Unquoted, fully paid up: Bhabhani Blunt Hairdressing Pvt Ltd10 3,060 3,060 12.00 12.00TOTAL 34.42 34.31 Aggregate Amount of Quoted Investments - -Aggregate Amount of Unquoted Investments 34.42 34.31* amount less than ` 0.01 crore NOTE 15 : DEFERRED TAX ASSETS (NET) ` Crore Current Year Previous Year1.

  • Non Current Investments ParticularsFace ValueAs at 31 March 2014As at 31 March 2013 ParticularsAs at 31 March 2014As at 31 March 2013At CostOther than atCost*At CostOther than atCost*Aggregate amount of : - Quoted Investments----- Unquoted Investments30,900,000-30,903,000-Market Value of Unquoted Investments30,900,000-30,903,000-*Investments are being valued at Cost 16.

More Definitions of Quoted Investments

Quoted Investments means Investments that are “Level 1” investments as defined under Accounting Standards Codification 820 in accordance with GAAP.
Quoted Investments means Portfolio Investments (including Cash Equivalents) for which market quotations are readily available in the manner set forth under Section 5.12(b)(ii)(A), as determined by the Borrower in its commercially reasonable discretion; provided that a Portfolio Investment shall not constitute a Quoted Investment unless there are at least three bids from Approved Dealers (including in the case of an Approved Pricing Service, the inclusion of at least three bids) available at any time the Borrower is required to determine the Value of such Portfolio Investment in accordance with Section 5.12.
Quoted Investments means an Eligible Portfolio Investment (including Cash Equivalents) which is traded in an active and orderly market for which market quotations are readily available.
Quoted Investments means any Authorised Investment which is quoted or listed or in respect of which permission to deal is effective on any Recognised Exchange or any OTC Market.
Quoted Investments has the meaning set forth in Section 5.12(b)(ii)(A). 28
Quoted Investments means Fund Investments for which market quotations from External Pricing Sources are available.
Quoted Investments the Borrower shall, not less frequently than once each calendar week, determine the market value of such Quoted Investments which shall, in each case, be determined in accordance with one of the following methodologies as selected by the Borrower (each such value, an “External Quoted Value”): (w) in the case of public and 144A securities, the average of the recent bid prices as determined by two Approved Dealers selected by the Borrower, (x) in the case of Bank Loans, the average of the recent bid prices as determined by two Approved Dealers selected by the Borrower or an Approved Pricing Service which makes reference to at least two Approved Dealers with respect to such Bank Loans, (y) in the case of any Quoted Investment traded on an exchange, the closing price for such Eligible Portfolio Investment most recently posted on such exchange, and (z) in the case of any other Quoted Investment, the fair market value thereof as determined by an Approved Pricing Service; and (B)