Quota Transfer System definition

Quota Transfer System. (QTS) means the Board’s procedure for the purchase and sale of quota through the Board’s quota exchanges;

Examples of Quota Transfer System in a sentence

  • All quota transactions, unless otherwise provided for such as Family Ownership Updates, special relocations, transfers between family members and transfers with a sale of registered premises, must be conducted through the EFO Quota Transfer System (QTS).

  • As of January 1, 2014, all quota transactions, unless otherwise provided for such as Family Ownership Updates, special relocations, transfers between family members and transfers with a sale of registered premises, must be conducted through the EFO Quota Transfer System (QTS).

  • Investigate revisions to Quota Transfer System to ensure any quota offered for sale is fairly and equally accessible to all eligible farmers.

  • Continue to provide monthly analytics on quota transactions to support ongoing monitoring of Quota Transfer System function and trends related to quota policy objectives.

  • Analyze past five years of Quota Transfer System results by producer size to support ongoing evaluation of Egg Farmers of Ontario’s quota policy objectives.

  • Improve the function and operations of the Quota Transfer System (QTS) and ensure its viability with respect to fair access and transparency for all farmers.

  • Ongoing policy development of Egg Farmers of Ontario’s quota policies related to the Quota Transfer System to ensure the quota systems evolves, transforms and is strengthened to meet current business needs and the needs of current and future egg and pullet farmers.

  • Implement Board decisions related to Quota Transfer System on changes to programs (i.e., Layer Leasing Pool) and decisions to support the sustainability of smaller farmers in terms of provincial quota allotted.

  • Quota Transfer System (QTS) Two successfully completed quota transfer sessions with the following published results: EGG QUOTA PULLET QUOTA The next deadline to submit offers to sell into the QT-3 is July 21, 2016.Quota Policy & Program Updates (Layer) 3% National Production Allotment (NPA) Increase Effective July 1, 2016EFO at a Special Board meeting January 15, 2016, passed a motion to increase your NPA number by 3% effective July 1, 2016.

  • Engage consultant to assist in a full review of the Quota Transfer System.

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