Definition of Qualifying Performance Award

Qualifying Performance Award means an Award granted pursuant Section 11.

Examples of Qualifying Performance Award in a sentence

A Qualifying Performance Award shall be subject to the terms and conditions established by the Committee in connection with the Award and specified in the applicable Award Document, but in all events shall be subject to the attainment of Section 162(m) Performance Goals as may be specified by the Committee.
A Participant shall be eligible to receive payment pursuant to a Qualifying Performance Award only if the Qualifying Performance Goals for such period are achieved, subject to any additional requirements regarding Service.
Subject to the provisions of Section 11, no Participant may receive Options or SARs, or Restricted Shares or Restricted Stock Units that are granted as a Qualifying Performance Award pursuant to Section 17(b) hereof, in any calendar year that relate to more than five million (5,000,000) Shares in the aggregate under all such Awards.
The amounts payable to a Section 162(m) Participant will be paid following the end of the performance period after such certification by the Committee in accordance with the terms of the Qualifying Performance Award.
Subject to the terms of the Plan, the Section 162(m) Performance Goals to be achieved during any performance period, the length of any performance period, the amount of any Qualifying Performance Award granted and the amount of any payment or transfer to be made pursuant to any Qualifying Performance Award shall be determined by the Committee.