Qualified shares definition

Qualified shares means all shares entitled to be voted with respect to the transaction except for shares that the secretary or other officer or agent of the corporation authorized to count votes either knows, or under subsection 4 is notified, are held by:
Qualified shares means any shares entitled to vote with respect to the director's conflicting interest transaction except shares that, to the knowledge, before the vote, of the Secretary, are beneficially owned, or the voting of which is controlled, by a director who has a conflicting interest respecting the transaction or by a related person of the director, or both.

Examples of Qualified shares in a sentence

  • Once the Administrator determines that a Claimant is an Authorized Claimant, the respective number of his, her or its Qualified Shares and his, her or its Maximum Entitlement and Pro Rata Distribution from the Compensation Fund, the Administrator shall advise the Claimant of the Administrator’s decision by posting it on the Claimant’s online claim file.

  • For Qualified Shares not disposed of when the Claim Form is submitted, an amount equal to the difference between the average price paid for those Qualified Shares (including any commissions paid in respect thereof) and the ten-day volume-weighted average trading price for those Qualified Shares following the last public correction on February 4, 2019.

More Definitions of Qualified shares

Qualified shares means the 3,362,640 Common Shares of the Company issued on exercise or deemed exercise of the Special Warrants, qualified under this Prospectus.
Qualified shares means shares that are not prescribed shares for the purposes of the definition of "flow-through share" in section 66(15) of the INCOME TAX ACT;
Qualified shares means shares that are not prescribed shares for the purposes of the definition offlow-through share” in section 66(15) of the Income Tax Act;
Qualified shares means Shares purchased or acquired during the Class Period and held until after the close of trading on February 6, 2019, calculated using LIFO;
Qualified shares means Period One Shares and Period Two Shares;