Pump definition

Pump means any facility, device, equipment, materials, or method used to obtain water from a well.
Pump means a device used to dispense motor fuel for sale at retail.

Examples of Pump in a sentence

The pond will also be a temporary staging and bypass facility for irrigation water diverted by the Riverwalk Pump and Pipeline and Whipp Ditch Riverwalk Enlargement.

Study & experiment on Fuel Supply System of S.I. Engines- Carburettor, Fuel Injection Pump and MPFI.

The Village of Alexander Sewer Pump Station (Site 156) is a priority site.

Accordingly, the Company, as an upfront support, pays the differential cost between Energy Efficient Pump and Conventional Pump set.

All the existing facilities of pumping station like fire fighting, electrical system, Pump house, Pipeline etc.

More Definitions of Pump

Pump means a mechanical equipment or device used to remove water from a well.
Pump means a device for continuously raising, forcing, compressing, or exhausting fluid by mechanical or other means. Thus, this term includes fans or blowers;
Pump means Equipment that is used for moving liquid via mechanical means.
Pump means a device used to transport fluids by the addition of energy, and includes all associate components used to make connections or seals.