Definition of Pulp Supply Agreement

Pulp Supply Agreement means the Pulp Supply Agreement, dated the date hereof, between Kimberly-Clark and Neenah.

Examples of Pulp Supply Agreement in a sentence

LA Company and VCP shall have entered into the Wet Lap Pulp Supply Agreement, in the form of Schedule 8.02 hereto attached.
VCP and Newco shall execute all of the following agreements up to the Transfer of the Business: (i) Independent Sales Representation Agreement, (ii) Procurement Agreement; (iii) Utilities Agreement; (iv) Slush Pulp Supply Agreement, substantially in the form of Annexes of this Agreement.
SELLER and Piracicaba shall execute a new Wet Lap Pulp Supply Agreement (Wet Lap Pulp Supply Agreement) for a term equal to the remaining period of the original Wet Lap Pulp Supply Agreement with the same terms and conditions thereof.
VCP and the LA Company have signed the Wet Lap Pulp Supply Agreement, with the express consent of IP.
Global shall have consented in writing to the transfer of NPIs and Sellers rights, obligations and interests under the Pulp Supply Agreement to NPNS and NPNS Purchaser in accordance with Section 12.01 of the Pulp Supply Agreement, in a form and in substance reasonably satisfactory to NPNS Purchaser and Seller.