Public parking lot definition

Public parking lot means the following classes of parking lots or other parking facilities mentioned in this by-law which are designated as parking lots or other parking facilities to which the public has access by right or invitation:
Public parking lot means any place, structure or area owned or leased by the city and operated as an off-street parking facility.

Examples of Public parking lot in a sentence

  • To see if the Town will amend Section 3.384, Parking Facilities of the Zoning Bylaw by deleting the lined-out language and adding the language in bold italics, as follows:3.384 Parking Facilities 3.3840 Commercial parking lot or parking garage R-OR-LD R-N R-VC R-G R-F B-G B-L B-VC B-N COM OP LI PRP FPC N N N N N SP SP SP N SP N N N NSPR SPR SPR 3.3841 Public parking lot or garage R-O R-LDAction taken 11/13/17.

  • Properties or areas that lead to new public facilities such as the Public parking lot.

  • Public parking lot available on Pleasant Street for visitors (Min.

  • The requirement for buildings to front on the main street is not possible because the main street terminates approximately 450 feet away and is blocked from being extended by an existing building and the Public parking lot.

  • Licensee shall pay $75 weekly for Veterans Memorial Park rental, and $25 weekly for Depot Museum parking lot rental (reflects the nonprofit rate, Veterans Memorial Park rental fee with gazebo is $300 daily, Public parking lot rental fee is $100 daily).

More Definitions of Public parking lot

Public parking lot means a parking lot or right of way dedicated to public use or owned by the state or a political subdivision thereof;
Public parking lot means an open area other than the street, used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles and available for public use whether free, for compensation, or as an accommodation for clients or customers;
Public parking lot means a parking area that contains parking spaces available to all members of the public on a free or for-fee basis, for purposes of parking a motor vehicle while accessing other areas in the city.
Public parking lot means any open public area or portion of a structure other than a street or highway, intended for the temporary parking of vehicles and on which there are designated parking spaces, whether their use involves the payment of a fee or otherwise, which is owned by or leased to the Municipality;
Public parking lot means a parcel of land owned or operated by the city upon which the public is allowed to park motor vehicles for a specified period of time.
Public parking lot means a plot or parcel of land or building owned and/or leased by this Town, not including highways, upon or within which the parking of vehicles is regulated by signs.