Public Information Sign definition

Public Information Sign means any of the following signs:
Public Information Sign means any sign erected for or at the direction of any government authority, agency, board or committee for the purpose of providing information to the public concerning such authority, agency, board or committee, or any proceedings thereof, and shall include signs that advertise applications for Official Plan or Zoning By-Law amendments.
Public Information Sign means a sign erected for the sole purpose of displaying advertising for community activities and/or identification symbols or plaques for civic organizations or service clubs.

Examples of Public Information Sign in a sentence

The cost shall be included in Traffic Control and Protection Standard 701400 (Special) provided in the plans.The “ROAD CONSTRUCTION AHEAD” (W20-I103(O)-48) 3 MILES” (W16-3A(O)-3612), theWork Zone Public Information Sign, and portable changeable message board shown shall be relocated during the project so that they are located 3 miles in advance of the lane closure.

Any substitution effected in accordance with subparagraph 1 of this § 10 shall be binding on the Noteholders and shall be notified to them in accordance with § 12 not less than 15 Business Days before such substitution comes into effect.

Resolution Authorizing the Development and Installation of a Public Information Sign, using Commuunity Development Block Grant Funds, in the amount of$28,949.00.

Emissions associated with harbor dredge operations shall be curtailed to maintain an H2S monitor rolling one hour average of less than 30 ppb.D. Public Information Sign 1.

Public Information Sign .......................................106 O.

More Definitions of Public Information Sign

Public Information Sign means an on premises sign that is located on land in a PF (public facilities) zone that is owned, leased or occupied by a federal, state or local governmental body (such as a city or a school district), which signage is used solely for non- commercial, public information purposes such as civic announcements, publicizing community events,occurrences or activities, or the like. A public information sign may not be used for off-premises sign or billboard purposes. All public information signs shall be constructed as monument signs as provided in section 12.82.030 below. “Real estate sign” means a temporary sign that relates to the sale, lease, or rental of property or buildings, or to construction activities on a sitewhere the sign is located.
Public Information Sign means any sign which is intended to identify community, civic and social events, and is not a commercial sign, official sign, political sign, or real estate sign as defined herein.
Public Information Sign means a sign erected and maintained by any governmental entity for traffic direction or for designation of or directions to any school, hospital, historical site, or public service, property, or facility.
Public Information Sign means signs erected in parks or playgrounds and used for park identification only, having a sign face area of less than 1 m2 (10.76 sq ft) or signs used as scoreboards or timers, provided such signs do not carry advertising other than the name of the donor and provided that the non-scoreboard or non-timer area of any such sign is not greater than one-half of the total sign area/per face.
Public Information Sign means any sign which is intended to identify community, civic, or social events and is not any of the following signs: commercial, political, official, or real estate.
Public Information Sign means any of the following Signs: