Providing carrier definition

Providing carrier means a local ex- change or interexchange common car- rier providing telephone services (other than local exchange services) to a ven- dor for a telephone-billed purchase that is the subject of a billing error com- plaint or inquiry.

Examples of Providing carrier in a sentence

  • Are there particular cost, regulatory or other reasons that would favour (or act to prevent) substitutes to 3G such as a) Extending Macrocellular coverage; b) Providing carrier / higher powered Wifi; c) 2G + EDGE Competition 1.

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  • Serving carrier means a facilities-based carrier providing

  • Carrier Access Billing System (“CABS”) is the system which is defined in a document prepared under the direction of the Billing Committee of the OBF. The CABS document is published by Telcordia in Volumes 1, 1A, 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 5 as Special Reports SR-OPT-001868, SR-OPT-0011869, SR-OPT-001871, SR-OPT- 001872, SR-OPT-001873, SR-OPT-001874, and SR-OPT-001875, respectively, and contains the recommended guidelines for the billing of access and other connectivity services. Sprint’s carrier access billing system is its Carrier Access Support System (CASS). CASS mirrors the requirements of CABS.

  • Universal Digital Loop Carrier (UDLC means the DLC system that has a CO terminal channel bank that is connected to the CO switches on the analog side.

  • Information processing system means an electronic system for creating, generating, sending, receiving, storing, displaying, or processing information.

  • Third Party Originating Carrier means a Telecommunications Carrier that originates Transit Traffic that transits AT&T-TSP’s network and is delivered to CLEC.

  • Customer User means an employee of Customer, a Customer Affiliate or Business Partner.

  • Operating Margin Customer means a Control Area purchasing Operating Margin pursuant to an agreement between such other Control Area and the LLC.

  • Information Service Traffic means Local Traffic or IntraLATA Toll Traffic which originates on a Telephone Exchange Service line and which is addressed to an information service provided over a Party's information services platform (e.g., 976).

  • financial service supplier means any natural or juridical person of a Party wishing to supply or supplying financial services but the term “financial service supplier” does not include a public entity;

  • rail carrier ’ means a person providing common carrier railroad transportation for compensation, but does not include street, suburban, or interurban electric railways not operated as part of the general system of rail transportation;

  • Customer Group means Customer and any of its Affiliates;

  • Gestational carrier means an adult woman who enters into an agreement to have an embryo implanted in her and bear the resulting child for intended parents, where the embryo is conceived by using the egg and sperm of the intended parents.

  • Contract carrier means any person who, under special and individual contracts or agreements, and

  • Operational Services the operational services described as such in the Services Description;

  • Customer Equipment means hardware, software, systems, cabling and facilities provided by you and used in conjunction with the Equipment that we supply to you in order to receive the Services;

  • State Level Monitoring Cell means the body constituted by the State Government for the control and elimination of ragging in institutions within the jurisdiction of the State, established under a State Law or on the advice of the Central Government, as the case may be.

  • Child support services means any civil, criminal or administrative action taken by the Division of

  • Support Service means an activity, such as information technology, accounting, human resources, legal, and other support functions that are required to support the ongoing delivery of core services.

  • Premium Loading means the additional premium on top of the Standard Premium charged by the Company to the Policy Holder according to the additional risk assessed for the Insured Person.

  • Service Availability The total number of minutes in a calendar quarter that the Tyler Software is capable of receiving, processing, and responding to requests, excluding maintenance windows, Client Error Incidents and Force Majeure.

  • New Service Customers means all customers that submit an Interconnection Request, a Completed Application, or an Upgrade Request that is pending in the New Services Queue. New Service Request:

  • Support Services the support services, as described in the Support Services Description, that We provide to You in respect of the Cloud Service.

  • Analytical x-ray equipment means equipment used for x-ray diffraction or fluorescence analysis.

  • Customer Portal means a web portal maintained by Liferay or a Liferay Affiliate that provides for various resources accessible to Liferay Subscription customers as further described in Section 2.1 below.

  • Network Availability means the capability of the equipment to resume functions after a remotely initiated trigger has been detected by a network port;

  • Fixed Costs means costs which do not vary with consumption or volume produced;