Definition of Project Trustee

Project Trustee means _______________________, as trustee under the Project Trust Agreement or any successor thereto in such capacity.

Examples of Project Trustee in a sentence

Custodian shall transfer the Indiana Revenue Share from the Indiana Revenue Share Account to the Project Trustee for deposit in the Toll Revenue Fund described below.
IFA will cause the amounts received from the Department pursuant to the Use Agreement with IFA to be deposited with the Project Trustee in the AP Appropriations Fund described below.
The Project Trustee will receive (i) all amounts to be received by IFA from the Department under the Use Agreement, (ii) all amounts to be received by IFA from the Department under the Milestone Agreement, (iii) all amounts received by IFA for appropriations related to the Agreement and (iv) the Indiana Revenue Share, as defined below, as received from the Custodian under the Custody Agreement.
RMS has not issued a notice under clause 4C.2. 4C.4 Notice of exercise (a) Subject to clause 4C.2 and satisfaction of the conditions precedent under clause 4C.3, RMS may at any time during the Option Exercise Period issue to the Project Trustee and the Asset Trustee a written notice titled "M5 West Option - Decision to Exercise".
If any type of Traffic Adjustment occurs on the Motorway during a Peak Period as a direct result of a Permitted RMS Activity then RMS will pay to the Project Trustee an amount in respect of that Traffic Adjustment calculated in accordance with paragraph 4 of this Schedule 45A.