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Produced by. [Producer's Name]" "Beat by [Producer's Name]"
Produced by. Tanya Martinez dba Boulder Mountain Bulldogges_(BMB) WHELPED: 20 18 SIRE: _ REG: _ DAM: _ REG: _ PUPPY SEX / COLOR/MARKINGS: PRICE: SHIPPING COSTS (if applicable) DEPOSIT REQUIRED: $ Date Received: BALANCE DUE @ TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: $ DATE OF TRANSFER BUYER(S) (hereafter referred to as “Buyer”):

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Produced by Johns Hopkins University Press in collaboration with The Sheridan Libraries.

Also see the Department of Labor’s Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor at and the Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor at

Non-OEM – Produced by a manufacturer or party other than the OEM.

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Produced by Bob Phillips, Chris Ball, Dave Sackett, Doug Badenoch, Sharon Straus, Brian Haynes, Martin Dawes since November 1998.

Repayment of Each of the Underlying Mortgage Loans Will Be Dependent on the Cash Flow Produced by the Related Mortgaged Real Property, Which Can Be Volatile and Insufficient to Allow Timely Distributions on the Offered Certificates, and on the Value of the Related Mortgaged Real Property, Which May Fluctuate Over Time.

Two-Dimensional Nanosheets Produced by Liquid Exfoliation of Layered Materials.

Produced by the North Carolina’s Rural Health Research & Policy Analysis.

Data First Produced by Partner Under this Agreement If Data first produced by Partner or its Related Entities under this Agreement is given to NASA, and the Data is Proprietary Data, and it includes a restrictive notice, NASA will use reasonable efforts to protect it.

No approval of a sample shall be taken in itself to change or modify any contract requirement.

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Produced means produced, manufactured, mined, handled, or in any other manner worked on in any State; and for the purposes of this chapter an employee shall be deemed to have been engaged in the production of goods if such employee was employed in producing, manufacturing, mining, handling, transporting, or in any other manner working on such goods, or in any closely related process or occupation directly essential to the production thereof, in any State.
Produced water means water extracted from the earth from an oil or natural gas production well, or that is separated from oil or natural gas after extraction.
gross tonnage means the gross tonnage calculated in accordance with the tonnage measurement regulations contained in Annex I to the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969 or any successor Convention.
Other Minerals means clay, stone, sand, gravel, metalliferous and nonmetalliferous ores, oil shale and oil extracted from shale by an in situ process, and any other solid material or substances of commercial value excavated in solid form from natural deposits on or in the earth, exclusive of coal and those minerals which occur naturally in liquid or gaseous form.
smelter means an electrolytic reduction plant for the conversion of alumina to aluminium using alumina produced from bauxite;
Sales Revenue means receipts from the sale, lease, or rental of goods, services, or property;
Derived means obtained, developed, created, synthesized, designed, derived or resulting from, based upon or otherwise generated (whether directly or indirectly, or in whole or in part).
Volumetric Production Payments means production payment obligations recorded as deferred revenue in accordance with GAAP, together with all undertakings and obligations in connection therewith.
Production means a method of obtaining goods including manufacturing, assembling, processing, raising, growing, breeding, mining, extracting, harvesting, fishing, trapping, gathering, collecting, hunting and capturing.
Gross Sales Price with respect to each sale of Shares sold pursuant to this Agreement shall be the gross sales price per share of such Shares.
Contract Sales Price means the total consideration received by the Company for the sale of an Investment.
Sales Price means the actual sale execution price of each Share placed by the Agent pursuant to this Agreement.
Concentrates means flavoring ingredients and, depending on the product, sweeteners used to prepare syrups or finished beverages;
Net Revenue means an entity’s total revenue less its operating expenses, interest paid, depreciation, and taxes. “Net Revenue” is synonymous with “Profit.”
Gross receipts means the total revenue derived from sales, work done, or service rendered.
Net Revenues means the difference between:
Gross Profits means the gross profits calculated under section 4;
Production Payments means, collectively, Dollar-Denominated Production Payments and Volumetric Production Payments.
Net Sales Price means the gross amount charged by Licensee for the sale of a Product, net of returns and credits for rejected goods, and after deducting (i) trade and quantity discounts actually allowed, (ii) sales, use or value added taxes, the legal obligation of which is on Licensee, and (iii) freight allowances, insurance and customs duties, to the extent any of the foregoing are identified on the invoice for the product. If a product is sold for consideration other than solely cash, the fair market value of such other consideration shall be included in the Net Sales Price. If a Product is sold in a package or kit containing another product which is not a Product, the Net Sales price for purposes of calculating the royalty under Section 3.2 hereof shall be calculated by multiplying the Net Sales Price of the combination product by the fraction of A/A+B, where “A” is the Net Sales Price of Product when sold separately “B” is the Net Sales Price of the other product or products when sold separately. If either the Product or the other product is not sold separately, the Net Sales Price of the Product shall be negotiated in good faith by the Parties.
Gross Rooms Revenue means all revenues derived from the sale or rental of Guest Rooms (both transient and permanent) of the Hotel, including revenue derived from the redemption of points or rewards under the loyalty programs in which the Hotel participates, amounts attributable to breakfast (where the guest room rate includes breakfast), Mandatory Guest Fees, late cancellation fees, and guaranteed no- show revenue and credit transactions, whether or not collected, at the actual rates charged, less allowances for any Guest Room rebates and overcharges, and will not include taxes collected directly from patrons or guests. Group booking rebates, if any, paid by you or on your behalf to third-party groups for group stays must be included in, and not deducted from, the calculation of Gross Rooms Revenue.
Kentucky gross receipts means Kentucky gross receipts as defined in KRS 141.0401; and
Producing means producing, directing, manufacturing, issuing, publishing, or advertising;
Gross weight means the aggregate weight of a vehicle or combination of vehicles and the load
Allowable Cost means a cost that complies with all legal requirements that apply to a particular federal education program, including statutes, regulations, guidance, applications, and approved grant awards.
Kentucky gross profits means Kentucky gross profits as defined in KRS 141.0401; and
Net Receipts means adjusted gross receipts less all expenses, charges, fees, and deductions authorized under this chapter;