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Presidential means Presidential Airways, Inc., a Florida corporation.
Presidential means nothing but the president. “Power” means his influence. It helps to have these
Presidential means Presidential Financial Corporation.

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  • These include Presidential proclamations and Executive Orders, Federal agency documents having general applicability and legal effect, documents required to be published by act of Congress, and other Federal agency documents of public interest.Documents are on file for public inspection in the Office of the Federal Register the day before they are published, unless the issuing agency requests earlier filing.

  • These include Presidential proclamations and Executive Orders and Federal agency documents having generalapplicability and legal effect, documents required to be published by act of Congress and other Federal agency documents of public interest.

  • Who has undergone a completed background investigation and been issued credentials pursuant to Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-12, Policy for a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors.

  • The Contractor shall comply with agency personal identity verification procedures identified in the contract that implement Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance M-05-24, and Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS PUB) Number 201.

  • Who has undergone a completed background investigation and been issued credentials pursuant to Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-12.

  • The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents will be furnished by mail to domestic subscribers for $80.00 per year ($137.00 for mailing first class) and to foreign subscribers for$93.75 per year, payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

  • The Contractor shall (1) include Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201-compliant ( ), Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) card readers with the purchase of servers, desktops, and laptops; and (2) comply with FAR Subpart 4.13, Personal Identity Verification.

  • There are no restrictions on the republication of material appearing in the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Docu-ments.

  • Each member shall meet the eligibility criteria as defined in the Presidential Directive.

  • The CBERA, enacted in title II of Public Law 98-67, implemented by Presidential Proclamation 5133 of November 30, 1983, and amended by the Customs and Trade Act of 1990, applies to merchandise entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after January 1, 1984.

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  • Presidential slate means a slate of two persons, the first of whom has been

  • Vice President when used with respect to the Company or the Trustee, means any vice president, whether or not designated by a number or a word or words added before or after the title "vice president".

  • President means the President of the Corporation.

  • Deputy President means the member of Exco duly elected to that position.

  • Chief Operating Officer means an employee who has been entrusted responsibility of managing any one or more of Units of the Company.

  • The President means the Board of Governors, IISER Bhopal.

  • Residential Development means lands, buildings or structures developed or to be developed for residential use;

  • Chairman means the Chairman of the Board;

  • Chief means Chief Agri/Industrial, a division of Chief Industries, Inc.

  • Deputy means any person employed by the department designated as a deputy, who possesses special, technical, scien- tific, managerial or personal abilities or qualities in matters within the jurisdiction of the department, and who may be engaged in the performance of duties under the direction of the secretary, calling for the exercise of such abilities or qualities.

  • Vice-Chairman means the non-officer member appointed by the Board to take on the Chairman’s duties if the Chairman is absent for any reason.

  • School resource officer means a law enforcement officer or police officer employed by a local law enforcement agency who is assigned to a district through an agreement between the local law enforcement agency and the district.

  • Executive Officer means, with respect to any corporation, the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, President, Executive Vice President, any Vice President, the Secretary or the Treasurer of such corporation; and with respect to any partnership, any general partner thereof.

  • Deputy Chairman means the Non-Executive Director appointed by the Council of Governors to take on the Chairman’s duties if the Chairman is absent for any reason.

  • Chairman-cum-Managing Director means Chairman-cum-Managing Director of any of the Subsidiary Companies of Coal India Limited, presently Central Coalfields Limited, Eastern Coalfields Limited, Western Coalfields Limited, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited, South Eastern Coalfields Limited, Northern Coalfields Limited and Mahanadi Coalfields Limited.

  • Chief Procurement Officer or "CPO" means the chief procurement officer of the City of Chicago or his or her designee.

  • Managing Director means the Managing Director of the NIGAM (UHBVNL/DHBVNL) duly appointed by the Govt.

  • City Chief Procurement Officer or “CCPO” shall mean the position delegated authority by the Mayor to coordinate and oversee the procurement activity of Mayoral agency staff, including the ACCOs.

  • General Manager means the Officer-in-Charge of the general superintendence and control of the Zonal Railway/Production Units and shall also include the General Manager (Construction) and shall mean and include their successors, of the Successor Railway.

  • Secretary-General means the Secretary-General of the Organization.

  • Campus police officer means a school security officer designated by the board of education of any school district pursuant to K.S.A. 72-6146, and amendments thereto.

  • Managing Directors means Mrs Maria Chr. van der Sluijs-Plantz, Mrs Thérèse F.C. Wijnen and Mr Hubertus P.C. Mourits or such other person(s) who may be appointed as Managing Director(s) of the Issuer from time to time.

  • Treasurer means the Treasurer of the Corporation.

  • Presidential elector means an elector for President and Vice President of the United States;

  • Chief Commissioner means the chief administrative officer of the County, or delegate;

  • CFO means an individual who acted as chief financial officer of the Company, or acted in a similar capacity, for any part of the most recently completed financial year;