Definition of Prescribed Performance Standards

Prescribed Performance Standards means, at any given time, the performance standards for the PSO Services to be provided under the Services Agreement, as applying at that time under clause 7 of the Services Agreement; "Prescribed Period" means the period commencing on the Commencement Date and expiring on 31 October 2036; "Properties" means the properties comprised from time to time in the Property Portfolio; "Property" shall be construed accordingly; "Property Portfolio" means (a) the properties let from time to time under the Leases and (b) the properties in respect of which HLH has a right of occupation from time to time under the Licence; "Services Agreement" means the Services Agreement between the Council and HLH entered into on the date of this Agreement; "Services Fee" has the meaning assigned to that expression in the Services Agreement; GLAS 2259560 v 1 4

Examples of Prescribed Performance Standards in a sentence

Through ongoing and extensive collaborative consultation with key stakeholders, Australia Post gained support to change the Prescribed Performance Standards (PPS) to change the delivery speed of a standard letter and to increase the price of the Basic Postage Rate to $1.