Prepaid Assets definition

Prepaid Assets means all tangible and intangible assets primarily used by the Boost Mobile, Sprint-branded prepaid, and Virgin Mobile businesses today, including but not limited to Boost and Virgin Mobile Retail Locations, licenses, personnel, facilities, data, and intellectual property, as well as all relationships and/or contracts with prepaid customers served by Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. Prepaid Assets do not include the Assurance Wireless business and the prepaid wireless customers of Shenandoah Telecommunications Company and Swiftel Communications, Inc.
Prepaid Assets means all advance payments, prepayments, prepaid expenses and deposits which were made with respect to the operation of the Seller Facilities.

Examples of Prepaid Assets in a sentence

For purposes of determining whether Principal Proceeds from Prepaid Assets are available for reinvestment on any Payment Date after the Reinvestment Period under the Priority of Payments, Principal Proceeds of all other types will be deemed to be distributed prior to the distribution of Principal Proceeds from Prepaid Assets on such Payment Date.

Such exhibit(s) shall also (i) set forth the Cure Costs (if any) necessary to cure any defaults under each Buyer Assumed Agreement, and (ii) delineate a procedure for transferring to Buyer the rights to any Prepaid Assets in the form of cash or letters of credit on deposit with the other party to any Assumed Real Property Lease.

Prepaid Assets – These assets represent the amounts paid to a vendor pursuant to a contract to design, transition, and implement new line-of-business, general ledger accounting system, and payroll administration systems.

For a period of five (5) years following the closing of the divestiture of the Prepaid Assets, on the first day of each month Divesting Defendants shall submit to the Acquiring Defendant and Monitoring Trustee updated Cell Site Decommissioning schedules that include a rolling monthly forecast projected out two hundred and seventy (270) days.

Interference includes but is not limited to offering to increase the salary or benefits of or offering bonuses to Prepaid Assets Personnel other than as part of a company-wide increase in salary or benefits or company-wide provision of bonuses granted in the ordinary course of business.

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Prepaid Assets means expenses of Sellers which are paid in advance.
Prepaid Assets means, to the extent primarily related to the Acquired Business, all credits, deferred charges, refunds, rights of set-off, rights of recovery, deposits (including customer deposits and security deposits for rent (including such deposits made by a Seller, as lessee, or to a Seller, as lessor, in connection with the Assumed Real Property Leases)) and prepaid charges and expenses of, and advance payments made by, a Seller, including, without limitation, prepaid FDA establishment fees and prepaid FDA product fees, other than (i) any deposits or prepaid charges and expenses paid primarily in connection with or relating to any Excluded Assets or any Excluded Liabilities, (ii) with respect to any rights to any refunds, credits or rebates for Taxes paid by Sellers, and any deposits made by Sellers with any Taxing Authority, for or relating to Taxes, in each case, for any period and (iii) as set forth on Schedule 1.1(m).
Prepaid Assets means all advance payments, prepayments, prepaid expenses and deposits which were made with respect to the operation of the Seller Facilities, including deposits for leases and utilities.
Prepaid Assets means all of Seller's prepaid assets, including, without limitation, any prepaid insurance or rent.