Definition of Pre-Effective Tax Period

Pre-Effective Tax Period means a taxation year or other fiscal period that ends on or before the Effective Date.
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Examples of Pre-Effective Tax Period in a sentence

Each such Interim Period shall be treated as a short taxable year and a Pre-Effective Tax Period for purposes of this Section 6.6(b).
The following terms, as used herein, have the following meanings: "Pre-Effective Tax Period" means any Tax period ending on or before the Effective Time; and, with respect to a Tax period that begins on or before the Effective Time and ends thereafter, the portion of such Tax period ending on the Effective Time.
Buyer shall cause SGIC to waive any carryback or other use from any taxable period (or portion thereof, determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 7.4(a)(iii)) beginning after the Closing Date to any Pre-Effective Tax Period of any net operating loss, Tax credit, or other Tax attribute.
Sellers shall be liable for, and shall promptly pay when due any and all Taxes for any Pre-Effective Tax Period, other than non-U.S. income taxes, due and payable by Sellers with respect to the Weider Branded Business ("Excluded Taxes").
A18 19 (c) Any personal property or similar taxes with respect to the Assets attributable to the Pre-Effective Tax Period shall be borne by Seller.