Definition of Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period

Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period means, chronologically, those tax years that end prior to the tax year in which the Deconsolidation Date occurs plus that period in time beginning on the first day of such year and ending on and including the Deconsolidation Date.
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Examples of Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period in a sentence

In the event of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service, or by any state or local tax authority, of a return filed by Applied Digital for the Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period, Applied Digital shall give VeriChip timely and reasonable notice of audit proceedings and VeriChip will provide all necessary information and other assistance reasonably requested by Applied Digital with respect to issues concerning the activities of VeriChip.
Except as provided in Section 2.2(c), VeriChip, in turn, shall be entitled to receive all refunds of Taxes attributable to the Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period, if any, that are imposed or incurred by VeriChip or equitably apportioned to VeriChip from either the applicable tax authorities or Applied Digital (in the event such refund(s) have been made directly to Applied Digital).
VeriChip shall be liable for, indemnify, and hold Applied Digital harmless for all Taxes (i) imposed on or incurred by VeriChip for the Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period and (ii) equitably apportioned to VeriChip by Applied Digital for all tax periods beginning before and ending after the Deconsolidation Date.
Applied Digital agrees to continue to file any Unitary Tax Returns and allocate Unitary tax liability for the Post-Deconsolidation Date Period in which the operations of VeriChip are reflected in a manner consistent with the methodology followed for the Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period.
Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4.2, the Parties agree that in no event shall Applied Digital file any amended tax return, claim for refund, or make any tax election affecting the Pre-Deconsolidation Date Period that would have any material adverse impact on VeriChips financial condition or results of operations without first obtaining the written permission of VeriChip.