pre-commencement inspection definition

pre-commencement inspection means an inspection on a ro-ro ferry or high-speed passenger craft falling within the scope of this Directive prior the commencement of a regular service to verify that the requirements laid down in Article 3 and Annexes I and II to Directive [XXXX] are complied with.";

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Person means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization or government or any agency or political subdivision thereof.
Service Commencement Date means the date of commencement of the Services (if different from date of contract award);
Construction Commencement Date means the date set out in the Addendum, if applicable, by which you must commence construction of the Hotel. For the Hotel to be considered under construction, youmust have begun to pour concrete foundations for the Hotel or otherwise satisfied any site-specific criteria for “under construction” set out in the Addendum.
Construction Completion means the construction of the building is considered complete when a certificate of occupancy or temporary certificate of occupancy is issued for the building to be occupied by inmates.
Inspection Period means the period beginning on the Effective Date and expiring at 5:00 p.m. eastern time on the forty-fifth day after the Effective Date.
Permanent Mortgage Commencement means the first date on which all of the following have occurred: (a) the Construction Loan shall have been repaid in full; (b) the Mortgage shall have closed and funded; and (c) amortization of the Mortgage shall have commenced.
Application Review Start Date means the later date of either the date on which the District issues its written notice that the Applicant has submitted a completed Application or the date on which the Comptroller issues its written notice that the Applicant has submitted a completed Application and as further identified in Section 2.3.A of this Agreement.
Pre-commissioning means the testing, checking and other requirements specified in the Technical Specifications that are to be carried out by the Contractor in preparation for Commissioning as provided in GCC Sub-Clause 20.1.2 (Pre- Commissioning)hereof.
the commencement date means the date on which this Scheme comes into force;
Final Completion means the date determination certified by A/E and Owner that the Work is fully and satisfactorily complete in accordance with the Contract.
Project Completion means the first date upon which the average annualized production of finished product for the preceding 90-day period at the manufacturing facility operated by the eligible business within the economic development area is at least 50 percent of the initial design capacity of the operation of the facility. The eligible business shall inform the department of revenue in writing, on forms approved by the department of revenue, within two weeks of project completion. For existing facilities, project completion means the date of completion of all improvements included in the economic development area.
project completion period means the period of sixty (60) months commencing from and expiring on for the construction and obtaining of Temporary Occupation Permit or Permits for the whole of the Development as provided in clause 3.3;
Initial Environmental Examination or “IEE” means the initial environmental examination for the Project, including any update thereto, prepared and submitted by the Borrower and cleared by ADB;
Practical Completion means practical completion of all of the specified work notwithstanding that items which would ordinarily be considered snagging items remain outstanding, and the expression “practically complete” and “practically completed” shall be construed accordingly;
Tests after Completion means the tests (if any) which are specified in the Contract and which are carried out in accordance with the Specification after the Works or a Section (as the case may be) are taken over by the Employer.
Inspections shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.
Initial inspection means the first complete emissions inspection of a motor vehicle conducted in accordance with the biennial inspection requirement and for which a valid vehicle emissions inspection report was issued. Any test following the initial inspection is a retest or reinspection.
Phase 1 means that part of the authorised development required to be completed in order to facilitate the movement of 6.5 million tonnes per annum of polyhalite comprising in summary—
Commencement of Commercial Production means the first day following the first thirty (30) consecutive days of the operation of any mill or other processing facility located on the Property, which mill or other processing facility has operated at an average rate of at least 60% of its monthly design capacity (or other lesser rate or quantity of production as specified in an operating plan as constituting the Commencement of Commercial Production) and, if no mill or other processing facility is located on the Property, after the end of the first period of 30 consecutive days during which ore or concentrate has been shipped from the Property on a reasonably regular basis for the purpose of earning revenues; provided however, that no period of time during which ore or concentrate is shipped from the Property for sampling, assaying, testing, analysis or evaluation purposes, and no period of time during which milling operations are undertaken as initial tune-up, or milling by pilot or test plant or test mining operations will be taken into account in determining the date of Commencement of Commercial Production.
Contract Commencement Date means the date that is the later of:
Home inspection means an on-site, physical review of the applicant's home to assure the applicant meets all health and safety requirements within these rules.
Project Completion Date means the date on which the Provisional Certificate is issued and in the event no Provisional Certificate is issued, the date on which the Completion Certificate is issued;
Substantial Completion means the stage in the progress of the work as determined and certified by the Contracting Officer in writing to the Contractor, on which the work (or a portion designated by the Government) is sufficiently complete and satisfactory. Substantial completion means that the property may be occupied or used for the purpose for which it is intended, and only minor items such as touch-up, adjustments, and minor replacements or installations remain to be completed or corrected which:
Phase II means the second part of the tuition incentive assistance program which provides assistance in the third and fourth year of 4-year degree programs.
Construction Period means the period beginning on the date that a Group Member enters into a binding obligation to commence a Capital Improvement and ending on the earlier to occur of the date that such Capital Improvement Commences Commercial Service and the date that the Group Member abandons or disposes of such Capital Improvement.