Definition of Pre-Commencement Death Benefit

Pre-Commencement Death Benefit means the benefit described in Article 7.
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Examples of Pre-Commencement Death Benefit in a sentence

In the event of a Participants death prior to his Payment Date under Article 5 with respect to any vested Retirement Income, the Participants Beneficiary shall be entitled to a Pre-Commencement Death Benefit.
The Beneficiarys Payment Date for the Pre-Commencement Death Benefit payable pursuant to Plan section 7.1 shall be the first day of the fourth calendar month next following the Beneficiarys Payment Event.
The Pre-Commencement Death Benefit payable under this Article 7 shall be paid to the Beneficiary in the form of a Single Life Annuity.
Except as provided in this subsection, the payment of any Excess Accumulated Contribution Benefit shall not affect in any way the determination of the amount, time or form of payment of any Retirement Income or Pre-Commencement Death Benefit payable under any other provision of this Plan.
If a Participant dies prior to the commencement of his or her Separation from Service payment then the Company shall pay the Participant's vested Account Balance as a Pre-Commencement Death Benefit to such Participant's Beneficiary subject to the terms and conditions of this Plan and the Adoption Agreement.