Definition of Pre-Closing Tax Refunds

Pre-Closing Tax Refunds means refunds of, or applications against Tax in lieu of refunds of, Pre-Closing Taxes.

Examples of Pre-Closing Tax Refunds in a sentence

Any refunds received as a result of the claiming of such deductions that are Pre-Closing Tax Refunds shall be paid in accordance with this Section 11.06.
For Tax purposes and purposes of calculating Final Closing Date Net Working Capital, Final Closing Date Cash, Final Closing Date Pre-Closing Taxes and Final Closing Date Pre-Closing Tax Refunds, Closing will be deemed effective as of the opening of business on the Closing Date.
Parent shall cooperate with the Representative in obtaining Pre-Closing Tax Refunds to which the Stockholders and Optionholders are entitled under this Section 10.01(b), including through the filing of amended Tax Returns or refund claims, it being understood that any such Pre-Closing Tax Refunds will be claimed in cash rather than as a credit against future Tax liabilities.
The term Current Assets means the aggregate amount of the current assets of the Company and the Operating Company immediately prior to the Effective Time, but excluding (i) Cash, (ii) the right to receive Pre-Closing Tax Refunds and the portion of any refunds with respect to a Straddle Period apportioned to the Company Holders pursuant to Section 9.5(e), and (iii) the other exclusions set forth in the footnotes to the Example Statement of Net Working Capital attached hereto as Schedule 2.6.
The Employee Benefit Plans (as defined ---------------------- in Section 6.1.15) and the assets related thereto; -------------- 1.2.8 Pre-Closing Tax Refunds.