Definition of Pre-Closing Tax Period Returns

Pre-Closing Tax Period Returns means all Tax Returns of Company and any Company Subsidiary for all Pre-Closing Tax Periods, including the consolidated United States federal income Tax Return of any affiliated group (within the meaning of Code Section 1504) of which Company is the common parent and any similar state, local, or foreign Tax Returns.

Examples of Pre-Closing Tax Period Returns in a sentence

Parent shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, and file, or caused to be filed, all Tax Returns of Company and each Company Subsidiary required to be filed after the Closing Date, including all Pre-Closing Tax Period Returns, Straddle Period Tax Returns, and Tax Returns with respect to Transfer Taxes.
The Principal Stockholders shall make such revisions to such Pre-Closing Tax Period Returns as are reasonably requested by Acquirer.
The Purchaser shall forward the aforementioned Pre-Closing Tax Period Returns and Straddle Period Tax Returns and supporting calculations to the Seller Representative, for review and comment, no later than thirty (30) days prior to the filing of the Tax Returns.