Definition of Pre-Closing Shutdown Liability

Pre-Closing Shutdown Liability means all liabilities, costs and expenses of any nature outstanding at Closing or incurred after Closing (i) with respect to stores of the Company or its Subsidiaries that have been closed at any time prior to Closing, including but not limited to the cost to terminate or settle the leases for such stores and terminate all contracts with respect to such stores, all related legal, consulting and advisory fees, and all costs to relocate or dispose of the equipment and other assets located at such stores (net of any net proceeds of disposition of such equipment or assets that is received after Closing and any Tax benefit (without duplication of any 40% adjustment below in this definition), and (ii) relating to the termination of employment of Pat Neville, Tara Denman and Daniel Greenberg, including but not limited to the cost of severance, accrued vacation and related legal disputes, in the case of both (i) and (ii) where any such liabilities, costs or expenses are deductible for Tax purposes, the amount thereof shall be multiplied by 0.6. For the avoidance of doubt, such closed stores include the stores previously located in Woodridge, IL (BeautyFirst), Aurora, IL (BeautyFirst), Algonquin, IL (PureBeauty) and Las Vegas, NV (PureBeauty).
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