Definition of Pre-Closing Shares

Pre-Closing Shares means the Main Street Pre-Closing Shares and the Prudential Pre-Closing Shares, collectively.
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Examples of Pre-Closing Shares in a sentence

Subject to the terms of this Letter Agreement, HCACII agrees to purchase from the Prudential Entities immediately prior to the Closing, and the Prudential Entities agree to sell and transfer all right, title and interest to (the "Prudential Sale" and together with the Main Street Sale, the "Sales") all of the Prudential Pre-Closing Shares to HCACII (the "Prudential Closing").
Hanover Pre-Closing Shares shall be combined into fully paid and non-assessable shares of common stock of the Surviving Corporation at a rate of 50 Hanover Pre-Closing Shares for every one share of common stock of the Surviving Corporation.
Registrable Securities means all and any Common Stock held from time to time by a Holder, (including the Acquired Shares and the Pre-Closing Shares, any other Common Stock the Holder may acquire, and any securities issuable or issued or distributed in respect of any such Acquired Shares, Pre-Closing Shares or Common Stock by way of a stock dividend or stock split or in connection with a combination of shares, recapitalization, reorganization, merger, amalgamation, consolidation or otherwise).
Prior to the Effective Time and as a condition to Closing, the Company shall undertake a 1 for 100 reverse stock split of the Company Common Stock (the "Pre-Closing Shares) before any Company Common Stock is issued pursuant to this Agreement.