Definition of Pre-Closing Non-Income Taxes

Pre-Closing Non-Income Taxes means any Taxes of a VPG Entity other than Income Taxes that are attributable to a Pre-Closing Tax Period, provided, however, that it shall not include any such Taxes that are accrued as a current liability (net of any prepaid taxes)on the balance sheet of the VPG Entity at the Effective Time.

Examples of Pre-Closing Non-Income Taxes in a sentence

Except as otherwise provided in the last sentence of this Section 7.03(b)(i), ICO shall prepare or cause to be prepared all Tax Returns for Pre-Closing Non-Income Taxes of Sellers relating to the Assets or the Business.
ICO shall timely pay or cause to be paid to the appropriate Governmental Authorities all Pre-Closing Non-Income Taxes.
Except as otherwise provided in Section 4.2, VSH shall be entitled to all refunds and credits of any VSH Income Taxes, and one half of any refund or credit for any Pre-Closing Non-Income Taxes, including any interest thereon, received by a VPG Entity.
VPG and VSH will each be responsible for one half of any Pre-Closing Non-Income Taxes that are required to be paid after the Effective Time, other than Transaction Taxes.