Definition of Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement

Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement means the Escrow Agreement among Buyer, Seller and the Escrow Agent, executed and delivered on the date hereof in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B (as amended, restated or otherwise modified from time to time).
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Examples of Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement in a sentence

Concurrently with the execution hereof and as an inducement to each Seller to enter into this Agreement, Buyer shall deliver to the Escrow Agent identified in the Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement dated as of the date of this Agreement among Buyer, Sellers and such Escrow Agent (the "Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement") cash in the amount of Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000) (together with interest and other earnings thereon, the "Pre-Closing Deposit") to secure, in part, Buyer's obligations hereunder.
Until the Closing (as defined hereinafter), or termination pursuant to Section 10.11, Seyburn, Kahn, Ginn, Bess, Deitch and Serlin, P.C. (the "Escrow Agent") shall hold all executed and delivered Transactional Documents in escrow pursuant to the terms and conditions of an escrow agreement (the "Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement") in the form of Exhibit "7 hereto.
The Person serving from time to time as the "Escrow Agent" pursuant to the Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement.
Upon the Closing Date, subject to the terms of this Agreement, Rusnano shall cause JPMorgan Chase, National Association, in its capacity as the escrow agent under the Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement and as provided therein, to (i) transfer $1,800,000 to the Company Escrow Account and (ii) transfer $7,200,000 to the Russian Entity Special Account.
The account set up to hold the Earnest Money (as defined in the Rockford Purchase Agreement) pursuant to the Pre-Closing Escrow Agreement (as defined in the Rockford Purchase Agreement).