Definition of Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement

Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement means those agreements by and between Seller or any of its Affiliates (including the Transferred Entities), on the one hand, and Persons expressing an interest in acquiring an ownership interest (whether by merger, sale or purchase of capital stock, sale or purchase of assets, reinsurance or otherwise) in the capital stock or assets of the Transferred Entities, on the other hand, in connection with the process leading to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, with respect to the confidentiality of information about the Transferred Entities.
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Examples of Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement in a sentence

At the Closing, Sellers will deliver to Buyer a copy of each Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement.
Sellers shall request that all third parties who executed a Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement return to Sellers or the Targets or destroy all Confidential Information heretofore furnished to such third parties by or on behalf of Sellers or any of their Affiliates (including the Targets) as promptly as practicable following the date hereof, subject to the terms of such agreements.
Effective as of the Closing Date, Sellers (on behalf of themselves and their Affiliates) hereby assign to Buyer all of their rights under each Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement.
Prior to the date of this Agreement, Parent has not provided any documents containing material nonpublic information related to the Business to any potential buyer of the Business that is covered by a Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement which information was not provided to Purchaser or its representatives on or prior to May 28, 2015.
Prior to the termination of this Agreement, without Purchasers prior written consent, Parent shall not, to the extent relating to the Transferred Entities or the Business, release any third party from, or waive, amend or modify any provision of, or grant permission under, any Pre-Closing Confidentiality Agreement.