Definition of Pre-Closing Affiliated Group

Pre-Closing Affiliated Group means HPI, FastFunds and each of the Other Subsidiaries, to the extent that such corporation was a member of HPI's Affiliated Group during any Pre-Closing Taxable Year; and any of their respective successors that retain their Taxable attributes. To the extent applicable to any state income Tax matters, the "Pre-Closing Affiliated Group" shall also include all corporations joining, or whose income is reported, in the filing of a consolidated, combined or unitary income Tax Return for the state in question.
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Examples of Pre-Closing Affiliated Group in a sentence

Each member of the Pre-Closing Affiliated Group shall be responsible for preparing and filing all Tax Returns that are required to be filed by that member before or after the Closing Date and are not filed on a consolidated, combined or unitary basis; and that member shall make (or cause to be made) any required Tax payments due with respect to such Tax Returns.
The parties hereby agree to terminate any existing Tax sharing agreement between or among members of the Pre-Closing Affiliated Group.
Such Tax Returns will report the income and operations of the Pre-Closing Affiliated Group in a manner consistent with past practice.
Any Tax Refund received by any such member with respect to its own separate Tax liability, as determined with respect to a Tax Return filed under this paragraph, shall be retained by that member and, if another member of the Pre-Closing Affiliated Group actually receives such Tax refund, such other member shall remit the amount of the Tax Refund to the member entitled to retain it.