Definition of Pre-Announcement Date

Pre-Announcement Date means June 25, 2015, i.e., the business day immediately preceding the date of the announcement of this Agreement.
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Examples of Pre-Announcement Date in a sentence

Premier shall have the right to terminate this Agreement, through a resolution adopted by its Board of Directors, if the Closing Market Price is both less than (A) $11.18, i.e., .60 multiplied by the Starting Price (the "Floor Price") and (B) the amount per share equal to (x) the Starting Price multiplied by (y) .80 multiplied by (z) the quotient of the Average NASDAQ Bank Index for the Price Determination Period (the numerator) over the NASDAQ Bank Index on the Pre-Announcement Date (the denominator).
Pre-Announcement Date Transactions will constitute an acquisition that is part of a plan or series of related transactions (within the meaning of SS 355(e)) that includes the Distribution.
Pre-Announcement Date" shall mean July 26, 2005, and (II) "Starting Price" shall mean $18.49.
Pre-Announcement Date shall mean July 26, 2005, and (II) Starting Price shall mean $18.49.