Definition of Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Participant

Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Participant means a Participant who (i) terminated employment with the Company and Affiliates before January 1, 2005, and (ii) has a Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Account.
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Examples of Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Participant in a sentence

However, during the month of December of that calendar year, the Administration Committee shall make a final determination with respect to whether any portion of such retained amount will be fully deductible to the Company for that calendar year if distributed to the Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Participant and such portion that is fully deductible, if any, shall be distributed to the Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Participant on or before that last day of that calendar year.
If the Administration Committee tentatively determines that the sum of the amounts described in Section C-5(b)(i) and (b)(ii) payable to a Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Participant for a calendar year will not be fully deductible by the Company for that year, the Administration Committee may direct that all or any portion of the balances of his Pre-AJCA Ex-CAP Accounts otherwise distributable as of his Ex-CAP Payment Date for that calendar year be retained under the terms of the Plan, as modified by this Appendix C.