Definition of Pre-2009 Group Taxes

Pre-2009 Group Taxes means Group Taxes determined, paid or imposed with respect to taxable periods ended on or prior to December 31, 2008 (including, for the avoidance of doubt, amounts that have been paid with respect to such period but may subsequently be refunded by a Tax Authority due to overpayment, a carryback of net operating losses, capital losses or other tax attributes, or a carryforward of net operating losses, capital losses or other tax attributes), and Refund Related Group Taxes. For the purpose of calculations made pursuant to this Agreement, any refund of Pre-2009 Group Taxes shall include both (a) the interest component of any such refund paid by a Tax Authority and (b) any interest otherwise earned on such refund prior to the date on which such refund is deposited into the Refund Escrow Account.
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Examples of Pre-2009 Group Taxes in a sentence

In partial consideration for the releases and other benefits provided under the Plan, WMI, the FDIC Receiver, and JPMC shall jointly direct all Tax Authorities to pay refunds of "Pre-2009 Group Taxes" (as defined in the Global Settlement Agreement) to an escrow account, the custodian of which will distribute such Tax Refunds in accordance with the terms and procedures set forth in the Global Settlement Agreement.
Notwithstanding WMI's and JPMC's control over the administration of certain Pre-2009 Group Tax matters, to the extent that any of the foregoing actions must be undertaken by the FDIC Receiver as a result of a legal or regulatory requirement, then the FDIC Receiver shall take any actions that are reasonably requested by WMI and JPMC jointly with respect to Pre-2009 Group Taxes.
Except as otherwise provided herein, each of WMI, JPMC and the FDIC Receiver shall be responsible for its own expenses (including, without limitation, all of its outside advisors) incurred in connection with the pursuit or receipt of any refund, credit, offset or abatement of Pre-2009 Group Taxes.
Upon receipt of any refund of Pre-2009 Group Taxes, an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the interest component of such refund shall be distributed, in aggregate, as applicable to WMI, JPMC and the FDIC Receiver.
Receiver shall jointly direct the custodian of the Refund Escrow Account to pay sixty-five and one hundred seventy-eight thousandths percent (65.178%) of any incremental refunds of Pre-2009 Group Taxes to the Washington Mutual Escrow Account and thirty-four and eight hundred twenty-two thousandths percent (34.822%) of any incremental refunds of Pre-2009 Group Taxes to the FDIC Escrow Account.