Definition of PRC Operating Subsidiaries

PRC Operating Subsidiaries means Delingha; Gansu Longchang; Gansu Jintai; Hainanzhou; Shaya; Wusu Zhongjing; Alaer; Bohu Jingjia; Bohu Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. (Bo Hu Xian Jing Ke Neng Yuan You Xian Gong Si ); Bohu Kesheng Electricity Co., Ltd. (Bo Hu Xian Ke Sheng Dian Li You Xian Gong Si ); Ningxia Jinko PV Electricity Co., Ltd. (Zhu Xia Jing Ke Guang Fu Fa Dian You Xian Gong Si ); Jiaxing JinkoSolar Development Co., Ltd. (Jia Xing Shi Jing Ke Neng Yuan Fa Zhan You Xian Gong Si ) and Zhenjiang Jinko PV Electricity Co., Ltd. (Zhen Jiang Jing Ke Guang Fu Fa Dian You Xian Gong Si ); provided, however, "PRC Operating Subsidiaries" shall not be interpreted to include Gansu Jintai with respect to any obligation of any Warrantor or any Collective Warranty set forth in Sections 3, 5 or 6, Part A or Part B of Schedule 1, Part A of Schedule 2 (other than Sections 1(c) and 1(d) of Part A of Schedule 2) or Schedule 5.
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PRC Operating Subsidiaries means Beijing Origin, Henan Origin, Changchun Origin and Denong.
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Examples of PRC Operating Subsidiaries in a sentence

The PRC Operating Subsidiaries manufacture a specialty additive known as nano-precipitated calcium carbonate, which is used in a variety of products to enhance their durability and efficiency and is widely applied in the paint, paper, plastic and rubber industries and used for building materials such as PVC.
Other than Shandong Bangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., which, upon information and belief is not an operating entity, all of the other PRC Subsidiaries are believed to be operating entities (the "PRC Operating Subsidiaries").
Relevant PRC statutory laws and regulations permit payments of dividends by our PRC Operating Subsidiaries only out of their retained earnings, if any, as determined in accordance with PRC accounting standards and regulations.