Definition of PRC Group Company

PRC Group Company means any Group Company which is established under the laws of the PRC;
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Examples of PRC Group Company in a sentence

Each of the Restructuring Agreements was duly authorized, executed and delivered by the PRC Group Companies, Shanda Networking and Shanda Computer, constitutes legal, valid and binding obligations of the PRC Group Companies, Shanda Networking and Shanda Computer, and is enforceable against each PRC Group Company, Shanda Networking and Shanda Computer in accordance with its terms.
None of the Key Officers, directly or indirectly, owns, manages, is engaged in, operates, controls, works for, consults with, renders services for, does business with, maintains any interest in (proprietary, financial or otherwise) or participates in the ownership, management, operation, or control of, any business, whether in corporate, proprietorship or partnership form or otherwise, that is related to the Principal Business or otherwise competes with any PRC Group Company.
Each lease agreement listed in Schedule III to which any PRC Group Company is a party is duly executed and legally binding on such PRC Group Company.
The corporate structure of the PRC Group Company as described in the Registration Statement complies, and immediately after the Offering, will comply with all applicable PRC Law, and does not violate, breach, contravene or circumvent or otherwise conflict with any applicable PRC Law.