Definition of PRC Anti-Monopoly Law

PRC Anti-Monopoly Law means the Anti-Monopoly Law of the PRC, effective as of August 1, 2008, as amended.

Examples of PRC Anti-Monopoly Law in a sentence

The Company is aware of and has been advised as to the content of the PRC Anti-monopoly Law, which became effective on August 1, 2008, and the related rules, regulations and guidelines issued by various PRC governmental authorities (the "PRC Anti-Monopoly Law and Regulations").
Except as described in the Registration Statement, the Disclosure Package and the Prospectus, all acquisitions and other transactions conducted by the Company or any Group Entity have complied with the PRC Anti-Monopoly Law and Regulations.
Competition/Investment Law means any Law that is designed or intended to prohibit, restrict or regulate (a) foreign investment or (b) antitrust, monopolization, restraint of trade or competition, including the PRC Anti-Monopoly Law and Regulations.
Parent shall pay all filing fees and other charges for the filings required under the PRC Anti-Monopoly Law by the Company and Parent.
The parties shall have made all necessary filings under the PRC Anti-Monopoly Law and shall have received, if necessary, clearance under the PRC Anti-Monopoly Law approving the Merger.