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Practicing driving means for Mrs. Sen to “circle[ ] the apartment complex once, then once again”103 and this in a very distracted manner, stopping the car suddenly to hear something on the radio, seeing a bird beeping the horn and waiting to fly it away, and to Eliot she explains: “In India ... the driver sat on the right side, not the left”104. This again shows how she remains locked in her Indian world which she tries to keep up in her apartment, and this restrictedness is expressed much more explicitly by the fact that she cannot imagine to manage to enter the main road: “Impossible, Eliot. How can I go there?””,, she remarks to the boy, wondering why nobody is slowing down, ddee-�- spite the fact that there is not approaching a car at all, but at a great distance. Excusing herself she brings in again her husband: “Anyway, I am not allowed on the main road without Mr. Sen.”105 (emphasis EJ).

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Practicing driving during this time is essential in reducing crash risk for new drivers.Sharing the KeysCHOP’s research also revealed that teens who requested permission to use the car were50 percent less likely to be involved in crashes when compared to teens that had primary access.

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