Definition of Practice Persons

Practice Persons means Practice and Practice's employees and leased employees.
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Examples of Practice Persons in a sentence

Subject only to WellQuest's duty to maintain the Premises and provide janitorial and waste removal services thereto, Practice shall maintain and use the Premises in a clean, healthful and safe condition and shall cause all Practice Persons to comply with all present and future laws, ordinances, orders, rules and regulations of all governmental agencies or bodies having any jurisdiction over the use, condition or occupancy of the Premises.
Practice shall not do, or permit to be done by any of the Practice Persons, any act in or about the Premises or the Building that would invalidate or increase the cost of fire or other insurance policies covering the Land, the Building, the Premises or the equipment, fixtures, or contents therein or thereof.
During the Term, the Practice Persons have the non-exclusive right, in common with the WellQuest Persons and other Building tenants, to use all Common Areas of the Building and all parking areas, walkways, rights-of-way, driveways, and means of ingress and egress, designated by WellQuest or Owner from time to time as Common Areas to serve the Building, subject to Practice's compliance with the Rules and Regulations and rights reserved by WellQuest in Sections 14 and 18 of this Sublease.
If any applicable federal, state or local law, rule, regulation, code or similar governmental requirement (collectively called a "Mandate") requires (i) improvements to the Premises or (ii) in order to meet the unique and special needs of any of the Practice Persons, improvements to the Building, Common Areas or Land, then Practice shall pay, as Additional Rent, Practice's Share of all costs incurred by WellQuest or Owner making such improvements to the Premises.
Said common areas in the Building, common parking, walkways, driveways, rights-of-way, and areas of ingress and egress servicing the Building, together with all landscaped areas thereof, are collectively called the "Common Areas." WellQuest may restrict parking for the Practice Persons to a designated area on the Land or adjoining parking areas.