Definition of PPL Montana

PPL Montana means PPL Montana, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and Affiliate of Seller.
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These filings consisted of a Northwest market- based rate filing for PPL Montana and a Northeast market-based rate filing for most of the other PPL subsidiaries in PJM's region.
Since then, periodic market-based rate filings with the FERC have been made by LG&E, KU, PPL EnergyPlus, PPL Electric, PPL Montana and most of PPL Generation's subsidiaries.
If the Owner Participant and PPL Montana are unable to agree upon a single Independent Appraiser within a 15-day period, one shall be appointed by the Owner Participant, and one shall be appointed by PPL Montana (or its designee), which Independent Appraisers shall attempt to agree upon the value, period, amount or other determination that is the subject of the appraisal.
If either the Owner Participant or PPL Montana does not appoint its appraiser, the determination of the other appraiser shall be conclusive and binding on the Owner Participant and PPL Montana.
The acquisition by PPL Montana or any Core Subsidiary of PPL Montana of a Person that holds an Investment in a third Person shall be deemed to be an Investment by PPL Montana or such Core Subsidiary in such third Person in an amount equal to the fair market value of the Investment held by the acquired Person in such third Person in an amount determined as provided in Section 6.2 or Section 7.2 of the Participation Agreement, as the case may be.