Definition of PPL Group Member

PPL Group Member means Lessee, each Guarantor and each of their Affiliates.
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Examples of PPL Group Member in a sentence

Unless such Unit is a part of Facility Equipment subject to a Facility Lease Supplement, Lessee shall have delivered to the Administrative Agent and the Lessor written notice describing such Unit and setting forth (i) the address of the Facility, plant, building or structure at which such Unit together with the other Units comprising the applicable Equipment Group will be stored or installed and (ii) the name and mailing address of the PPL Group Member who owns such facility, plant, building or structure.
Advances to pay or reimburse Lessee or any PPL Group Member for Internal Costs of the type described in clauses (i) or (ii) of the definition of "Internal Costs" at Appendix 1 shall not exceed $2,500,000 in the aggregate.