PPE Specialists definition

PPE Specialists means the clinical and non-clinical staff who support the professional practice evaluation (“PPE”) process generally and the review of issues related to professionalism described in this Policy. This may include, but is not limited to, staff from the quality department, medical staff office, human resources, and/or patient safety department.

Examples of PPE Specialists in a sentence

The PPE Specialists will log any report of a Health Issue and create a Confidential Health File that is maintained separately from the credentials or quality files (however, the existence of the Confidential Health File will be noted in the credentials or quality file).

Reports of potential Health Issues and documentation received or created pursuant to this Policy shall be included in the Practitioner’s Confidential Health File, which shall be maintained by the PPE Specialists as a separate file and shall not be included in the credentials file or the quality file.

If a reported concern involves an Employed Practitioner, the PPE Specialists will notify the Employer that the matter is being reviewed pursuant to this Policy.

Such documents shall be developed and maintained by the PPE Specialists.

However, all individuals are encouraged to identify themselves when making a report so that the PPE Specialists may contact the reporter for additional information that may help the Practitioner and safeguard patients, if necessary.

Following the immediate response described above, the matter shall be referred to the PPE Specialists for log-in and follow-up as described in the next section.

The PPE Specialists or CMO shall follow up with individuals who file a report.

The PPE Specialists, Associate Chief of Staff and/or CMO shall interview witnesses or others who may have information and gather any other necessary documentation or information needed to assess the reported concern.

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