Definition of PP Note

PP Note means a Note issued pursuant to any Note Agreement.
Sample 1

Examples of PP Note in a sentence

At the time of the sale of the Development Properties, and during the term of the PP Notes, the Company believed that the value of the real property at each Development Property would increase more rapidly than interest would accrue on the PP Note and construction loan related to such property.
At the time the PP Notes were issued, the Company believed the value of the real property associated with each Development Property was equal to the sum of the amounts of the construction loan on the Development Property and the PP Note issued with respect to the Development Property.
Such violation would have caused the Company's REIT status to terminate for the years during which the Company held that PP Note.
This exhibit forms the basis for the conclusions reached with respect to the PP Note Issue in the opinion to which this exhibit is attached.
The agreement of PSSH and the Company reflected in the Master Agreement, as well as the letter agreement to exercise the option to purchase the Development Properties, also indicated an agreement among the parties that the value of each Development Property was equal to the amount of the construction loan plus the PP Note secured by the Development Property.