Definition of Pozen Subsidiary

Pozen Subsidiary means a Subsidiary of Pozen.
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Examples of Pozen Subsidiary in a sentence

Since December 31, 2012, the business of Pozen and of each of the Pozen Subsidiaries has been and is currently being conducted in material compliance with all applicable Laws, Orders and Regulatory Guidelines and policies and neither Pozen nor any Pozen Subsidiary has received any written notice of any alleged material non-compliance or violation of any such Laws, Orders or Regulatory Guidelines.
Neither Pozen nor any of the Pozen Subsidiaries own any interest or investment (whether equity or debt) in any other Person, other than a Pozen Subsidiary, which interest or investment is material to Pozen and the Pozen Subsidiaries, taken as a whole.
Section 3.1(x) of the Pozen Disclosure Letter contains an accurate and complete list as of the date of this Agreement of all policies of fire, liability, workmen's compensation and other forms of insurance owned by Pozen or any Pozen Subsidiary.
Section 3.1(m) of the Pozen Disclosure Letter contains (a) a list of all leases and subleases pursuant to which Pozen or any Pozen Subsidiary currently leases real property as tenant (the "Pozen Real Property Leases") and (b) a list of all real property owned by Pozen or any Pozen Subsidiary ("Pozen Owned Real Property").