Definition of Pozen

  1. Pozen means Pozen and all of its Affiliates.
  2. Pozen means POZEN Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its successors or assigns.

Examples of Pozen in a sentence

  1. Notwithstanding any investigation made by any party to this Agreement, all covenants, agreements, representations and warranties made by the Company, Tribute, Pozen or the Co-Investors herein shall survive the execution of this Agreement, the delivery to the Co-Investors of the Shares and the payment therefor.
  2. The Pozen Purchase Price shall be equal to the lesser of (i) $7.20, and (ii) a five percent (5%) discount off the five (5) day volume weighted average price as reported on Bloomberg Financial Markets (VWAP) per share of Pozen common stock, calculated over the five (5) trading days immediately preceding the date of Closing; provided that in no event shall the Pozen Purchase Price be less than $6.25.
  3. Email: If to Pozen, to: POZEN Inc. 1414 Raleigh Road, Suite 400 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517 Facsimile: (919) 490-5552 Attention: Adrian Adams, Chief Executive Officer Email: with copies (which shall not constitute notice) to: DLA Piper LLP (US) 51 John F. Kennedy Parkway, Suite 120 Short Hills, New Jersey 07078-2704 Facsimile: (973) 520-2573 Attention: Andrew Gilbert, Esq.

Definition of Pozen in Senior Secured Note

Pozen means Pozen and all of its Affiliates.