Definition of Power Supply Agreement

Power Supply Agreement means the agreement pursuant to which the Participants will maintain a capability to supply electricity from the Power Station to SECV, and the Participants will supply electricity to SECV as it requires, and SECV will pay to the Participants a capability charge referable to the capability to supply maintained by the Participants and an energy charge referable to electricity supplied by the Participants to SECV;
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Examples of Power Supply Agreement in a sentence

Fusco Title: President 78 EXHIBIT A NINE MILE POINT ONE EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY AGREEMENT (Bennetts Bridge Hydro Development Facility) This Nine Mile Point One Emergency Power Supply Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into as of this ______ day of __________, 1998 between Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation ("Niagara Mohawk").
Along with this RFP, UES has provided a proposed contract ("Power Supply Agreement") which details the contractual terms and conditions under which default service as sought herein will be provided.
YES or NO Please provide any proposed modifications to the Power Supply Agreement in Appendix B or to the PSA Amendment in Appendix B1.
National Grid intends to pay a Supplier(s) based on the billing determinants as defined in the proposed Power Supply Agreement.
Docket No. ER02-448-000] Take notice that on November 29, 2001, Tucson Electric Power Company (Tucson), tendered for filing the Second Amended and Restated Wholesale Power Supply Agreement between Tucson Electric Power Company and Navajo Tribal Utility Authority dated November 1, 2001.