Definition of Power Sales Agreement

Power Sales Agreement means the Power Sales Agreement, dated as of September 19, 1989, between Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, as amended by Amendment dated August 28, 1990 and by the Power Sales Agreement Acknowledgment and Consent dated as of August 27, 1992.

Examples of Power Sales Agreement in a sentence

In all events the Borrower will sell all ancillary services, energy and capacity that is to be sold more than 90 days forward pursuant to an Approved Power Sales Agreement.
Power Sales Agreement, dated as of October 1995, between British Columbia Power Exchange Corporation and Intalco Aluminum Corporation.
Power Sales Agreement, dated September 28, 1995, as amended, between Intalco Aluminum Corporation and Bonneville Power Administration.
Enter into or become a party to (a) any Commodity Hedge/Power Sales Agreement other than the Initial Power Hedging Documents, any Replacement IPH Document or any other Permitted Power Document or (b) any other Hedging Agreement other than Hedging Agreements in the Ordinary Course of Business or entered into in accordance with Section 9.14(b) and not for speculative purposes.
If any Member would become a Related Party or, after receiving responses to such inquiries and obtaining such other information described in the immediately preceding sentence, any Member is not reasonably satisfied that it would not become a Related Party, the Managing Member shall not thereafter cause or permit any Project Company to enter into such Power Sales Agreement without the prior written consent of the Required Voting Percentage.