Definition of Power Block 2

Power Block 2 means the Power Block at the Gila River Power Station owned by Sundevil and described as "Power Block 2" in Appendix C.
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Examples of Power Block 2 in a sentence

They state that granting this waiver would allow Cleco Power, as operator, to alert Acadia to any system weakness or equipment failures that also could cause a forced outage of Power Block 2.
Cleco Power and Acadia state that Acadia employees, including employees who perform marketing functions, may from time to time have access to certain non-public Cleco Power market information concerning Power Block 1 simply by visiting Power Block 2.
Cleco Power and Acadia argue that given the proximity of Power Block 1 and Power Block 2 to each other, and each power block's dependence on the common facilities, maintenance outages must be coordinated, and that such coordination would most efficiently be performed by Cleco Power's employees.
Upon closing of the transaction, Cleco Power will own Power Block 1, Acadia will retain Power Block 2, and Cleco Power and Acadia will each own an undivided fifty percent 3 Central Louisiana Electric Co., Inc., 77 FERC P 61,020 (1996), reh'g denied, 78 FERC P 61,089 (1997), aff'd sub nom.
We will direct Cleco Power and Acadia to notify the Commission within 30 days of the consummation of any transaction in which Entergy Louisiana acquires Power Block 2 and the remaining fifty percent interest in the common facilities.