Definition of Potentially Serious Complaints

Potentially Serious Complaints means any information coming to the notice of Company which might relate to a Serious Incident, or to a significant lapse in the quality of the Product, or might lead to significant adverse public or media comment, or otherwise significantly adversely affect Company's reputation or business. 10.6.IN NO EVENT, EXCEPT FOR NEGLIGENCE, MISREPRESENTATION, ERROR OR OMISSION OR BREACH OF THIS AGREEMENT, SHALL THE COMPANY BE LIABLE TO THE DISTRIBUTOR FOR ANY LOSS OF PROFITS, ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTAL DAMAGES, OR ANY CLAIMS OR DAMAGES BROUGHT AGAINST THE DISTRIBUTOR OR THE COMPANY BY ANY THIRD PARTY. 11.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 11.1.Except for the express warranties and undertakings set forth in this Agreement, the Company disclaims all warranties in respect to the Product and any service provided by the Company to Distributor under this Agreement.
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