Definition of Potential Transferred Employees

Potential Transferred Employees means all of those employees of Seller who are directly involved in the Business and spend the majority time of their working time in the Business, a list of whom shall be provided to Buyer upon the Signing Date and who, upon the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement, shall be approached by Buyer to become Transferred Employees.
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Examples of Potential Transferred Employees in a sentence

Potential Transferred Employees who accept such offer are referred to herein as the Transferred Employees.
The requisite percentages (as set forth in Schedule 10.1(f)) of all Potential Transferred Employees in the functions described therein offered employment by Buyer or its designee pursuant to Section 6.7(c) hereof with a Start Date immediately following the Closing shall have accepted Buyers (or its designees) offer of employment and will become a Transferred Employee immediately following the Closing.
Seller shall be responsible for any and all liabilities that Buyer or Seller incur under the WARN Act with respect to Transferred Employees 23 (and any other current employees of Seller) and which are related to actions taken on or prior to the Closing Date (or after the Closing Date, with respect to Potential Transferred Employees described in Section 6.2(b)).
As of the Effective Time, Purchaser will, subject to the customary screening criteria used by Purchaser described on Schedule 5.1(b)(i), offer at-will employment to the Employees listed on Schedule 5.1(b)(ii) who provide services to the Business at Sellers facilities in Frenchtown, New Jersey, Covington, Georgia and Litchfield, Illinois (Potential Transferred Employees).
During the Employee Retention Period, Sellers shall, without any cost or expense to Sellers, take commercially reasonable actions to maintain their contracts with Insperity PEO Services, L.P., formerly known as Administaff Companies II, L.P. ("Insperity") for the continued employment of the Potential Transferred Employees.