Definition of Potential Target Acquisition

Potential Target Acquisition means either a Closing Date Potential Target Acquisition or a Post-Closing Date Potential Target Acquisition.
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Examples of Potential Target Acquisition in a sentence

Borrower shall have collaterally assigned to Agent, as security for all Obligations, all of its rights under the Potential Target Acquisition Agreement.
Agent shall be reasonably satisfied that all approvals and consents necessary to permit the effectuation of the transactions contemplated by the Potential Target Acquisition Agreement have been obtained.
If no Potential Target Acquisition shall have been consummated on or before the date (the "Refund Date") that is ninety (90) days after the Closing Date, then on the Refund Date, Borrower shall remit to Agent, by wire transfer of immediate funds, unconditionally and without offset of any kind, Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($750,000) of the proceeds of the Term Loan (the "Unused Term Loan Proceeds").
No event shall have occurred and be continuing or would result from the consummation of the Potential Target Acquisition that would constitute an Event of Default or a Default.
In the event that a Potential Target Acquisition shall have been consummated after the Closing Date but prior to the Refund Date (a "Post-Closing Date Potential Target Acquisition") then, subject to the terms of the last sentence of this paragraph, Borrower may retain and use the Unused Term Loan Proceeds to consummate such Potential Target Acquisition, provided that the conditions set forth in Section 3.2 shall have been satisfied.