Definition of Potential Mortgagors

Potential Mortgagors means Hines Global REIT 17600 Gillette LP, Hines Global REIT 250 Royall LLC, Hines Global REIT 9320 Excelsior LLC and Hines Global REIT 100/400 Fourth Ave LLC.
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Proposed Accountability Measures FY/2002 Total Number of Households 2,098 Number of Homeowners 75 Number of Mortgagors (Default) 200 Number of Potential Mortgagors 30 Number of Renters 1,688 Number of Potential Renters 75 Number of Homeless 10 Other 20 .
Upon Administrative Agent's prior written request at any time after the occurrence of an Unmatured Default, Borrower will provide, and require the Potential Mortgagors to provide, that all or any of the Potential Collateral Properties shall secure payment and performance of the Obligations.