Definition of Potential Investments

Potential Investments means the potential Investments disclosed by Borrowers to Bank in writing in connection with the Seventh Amendment to this Agreement.
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Examples of Potential Investments in a sentence

Executive shall be required to present to the Company (to its Chief Executive Officer) in writing any Potential Investments first for the Companys consideration, and provide the Company a right of first offer on any such Potential Investments, prior to presenting any information relating to the Potential Investment to any other potential investor.
Executive shall support the Company by sourcing, identifying and presenting to the Company potential real estate investment opportunities that may fit the Companys investment criteria, as such criteria may be modified from time to time (collectively, Potential Investments).
Such Potential Investments shall include, but are not necessarily limited to, acquisitions of real estate (through acquisition of the property in fee simple, ground lease, joint venture or otherwise) and other real estate-related investments (such as structured financing opportunities secured by real property).