Definition of Potential Bonus Percentage

Potential Bonus Percentage means the maximum amount of Bonus, expressed as a percentage of a Participant's base salary, that is potentially payable to the Participant under the Plan based on the attainment of the Quantitative Company Measures set forth in Section 4.2(a) herein.
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Examples of Potential Bonus Percentage in a sentence

A Participants Potential Bonus Percentage is determined based on the Companys Net Income.
The amount of any award to any employee shall, however, be in the sole discretion of the Compensation Committee, but in no case shall the bonus allocated to any one Eligible Employee exceed a percentage of that employees base salary (in effect on the day the Potential Bonus Percentage is determined) which is equal to the Potential Bonus Percentage.
A Participant's Potential Bonus Percentage is determined based on the Company's Net Income.
The Compensation Committee shall, subject to approval by the full Board of Directors, establish the size of the total potential bonus pool (the Potential Bonus Pool) and the percentage that the Potential Bonus Pool represents of the total of the salaries of eligible management employees of the Corporation (the Potential Bonus Percentage) for each fiscal year after Martek Biosciences Corporations operating budget and corporate objectives are adopted by the full Board of Directors.
Earned Bonus Percentage shall mean the portion of the Potential Bonus Percentage that a Participant may receive based on the Committees evaluation and assessment of the Qualitative Individual Measures set forth in Section 2(c) of Article IV herein.